The Terminatrix

Dear Ariel, try not to wig out too much.
A little stress is good for us, because, I believe,
the last thing God wants is for us to become too complacent,
since complacent people are rarely a help to anyone,
including themselves. =>
Philosophy? Did I mention to you that I minored in that
as a counterpoint to my engineering studies.
Yes, you are correct; it is an important field of study,
and we'll be looking forward to your comments on it
once you are back..."As Arnie says, I'll be back."
hmm, perhaps people will start referring to you as
'The Terminatrix' *lol* =)


I vote "why philosophy is one of the most important fields of study". I'm down with that idea too, though "philosophy" has been more focused on "theology" for me over the past couple of years.


Though I must admit to some curiosity as to what you have to say about Dr. Laura...I think, I too, vote for the philosophy post first. I'm interested in your perspective on that, and also...on the influences that have informed your own philosophies.


OK, you piqued my interest with the philosophy thing, but I'm dying to know what you're going to say about Linda Hirshman. Have you seen her blog, btw? The inability to leave comments on it is a major detraction, and I think very telling.


If you have to prioritise, I'd like to vote for the philosophy post too...


I know why philosophy is important. I'm much more interested in your near conservatism.


Oh, and #2 on my list is Dr. Laura. I'm a Ph.D. student in philosophy at a major research school, and I have a professor who absolutley loves her. It baffles me, and I'd love to hear what you have to say about her.


Well. Hirshman has changed her blog to allow comments! So go with philosophy. :=)

Patriarch Verlch

Have you guys ever met a woman that is a liar? I have, plenty of them. Women have been shown to lie about rape, why wouldn't they lie about sexual harassment to get out of serving?

To some feminist women, men asking them out on a date is sexual harassment! You feminists live outside the realm of reality!


I will go for philosophy.Philosophy is also known for the cultivation of excellent thinking. One of the most ancient branches of philosophy is logic, which includes informal logic, or "critical thinking." But philosophy is not only an intellectual pursuit.

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