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Yes, it sounds bizarre. But do you really think that a plaintiffs' complaint is the best place to learn the truth about what's really going on there? I highly doubt it. Has an answer been filed yet? Have you read it?

The Happy Feminist

No. And I certainly agree that the Plaintiff's complaint obviously needs to be read bearing in mind that it is advocating a particular point of view in the hope of achieving a particular result. (In fact, I anticipated that you were going to make this very comment!)

However, I have read enough by and about Dr. Sax to believe that this summary of his work is probably accurate, and I am concerned because I have read that he is becoming trendy among public educators. Generally, I am suspicious of any attempts at single sex education in public schools because I don't have a lot of trust that single sex education will be equal in most instances.

The Happy Feminist

Also I doubt that the Answer has been filed yet because this action was only just filed on August 2.

Dan S.

And the thing is, most of these are good things to employ as part of a range of strategies, since different kids do better with one approach or the other, and you try to have something for everybody - yay, differentiated instruction. But then you don't get to reinforce ridiculously broad-brush essentialist notions o' gender . . . .

I'm tempted to see this - perhaps incorrectly - as also an ed. funding issue, in a way. The LA school district could try to provide the type of education glossed in the paragraph above, but that's difficult. You need creative, responsive, experienced, knowledgeable teachers with a wide range of skills and strategies who know their students well (ideally, because there are a sane number of kids per class). That, of course, costs money, which often isn't there in districts that aren't properly white and at least relatively affluent. And you end up with high turnover, lots of new teachers coming in who need support they rarely get - and while I don't want to downgrade the dedication, passion, and skill that you can find, that only goes so far, and you get a higher proportion of teachers that are, well . . . at best, promising, but overwhelmed.

So, deskilling. Scripted lessons, commercial packages, and perhaps, in this case, a half-arsed boys need this, girls need this model (given the world we live in).

's stupid.


Having read Michael Gurian, I have no trouble at all believing this is a badly-flawed program.

Dan S.

"In Why Gender Matters, Dr. Sax explains that "anomalous males" -- boys who like to read, who don't enjoy competitive sports or rough-and-tumble play, and who don't have a lot of close male friends -- should be firmly disciplined, should spend as much time as possible with "normal males," and should be made to play competitive sports."

The good doctor shows his hand here, this anomalous male thinks . . .

(Horrors! Boys who like to read!! We can't have that in our society! Who would pursue and kill the prey?!)

Mmm . . . (this kind of) masculinity. Rough and tough shell surrounding a little, brittle, terrified center.

I;ll take tootsie pops myself . . .

The Grouch

Dear God. The best argument for homeschooling or private schools is probably the fact that these bozos are currently influencing our public schools (not that there aren't homeschooling/private school bozos as well). What a bunch of hacks.


>>> Happy wrote: In fact, I anticipated that you were going to make this very comment!



Thanks for the link -- and for letting me know that Linda Hirschman has a blog!


Thanks for the link -- and for letting me know that Linda Hirschman has a blog!

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