The difficulty is that Big Man and his cronies grew up in a society where it was ok for members of the same race to behave that way with each other.

The same issue comes up with corporal punishment. How many people reading this blog got spanked, paddled, switched or otherwise had their bottom or legs beat by their parents? For those people over 35, the percentage is probably pretty high.

Try doing that same thing today to your children. Not going to happen.

Are we better off that men do not fight with each other to resolve disputes and parents do not beat their children? I think so.

But the attitudes take time to change.

The Happy Feminist

Oh yeah. Don't even get me going on corporal punishment of children. Fortunately, I have never personally had a case of physical child abuse cross my desk-- but there was one case in my jurisdiction where the jury acquitted even though the child's entire back from legs to ankles were black with bruises. The defense was that it was reasonable parental discipline of the child.


I'd love to get you started on corporal punishment.

Where is the line?

A long time ago, I spanked my daughter for hitting. The moment I did it, I thought about what a fabulous message I was sending her: "DO NOT HIT OTHERS!" *Wack* "Just because you are mad does not give you the right to hit!" I yelled angrily. *Wack*

Shawna Bound

It's amazing to me that there are people who think violence like this is not only appropriate, but should be allowed. I agree--we are no longer on the playground. Grow up!


And of course, it's these people who send the message to their children that beating up a kid on the playground because s/he's a "nerd" is ok. And the cycle continues...


...or those who say that the big kids occasionally beating up the nerds/smaller kids is a "rite of passage" or "just part of growing up." It should be part of ANYONE'S growing up.

How "gentlemen" settle differences? Does throwing a paperweight at someone and choking him qualify as "gentle" response? Perhaps they should consider the components of the word "gentlemen" a little more.

Old MD Girl

You're lucky he and his friends didn't try to take matters into his own hands vis a vis you. Some people can be really scary.

As for playground violence between youths, there has been some interesting coverage of sibling bullying, which is also considered by many to be a rite of passage, and the scars it leaves, in the New York Times. As least these types of issues are begining to get the press they deserve.


That is just terrible!


I am sorry to see the comments of really great post draw a parallel between adults "throttling" one another, and a parent physically discpilining a child.


I suspect that's the only time Crony had used the word "gentlemen" in any context in the preceding fifteen years.

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