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Actually I guess it' not really a study, but a collection of illustrative examples.


I'm Nigerian so things like abuse in My country are very common but what My husband did was: My best friend was a teacher and She was sponsored by the government and was the only representative from my country at the time. She begged me to let her stay with my husband and because I thought she was a) a Christain b) going to leave His home in 6 weeks but she never left the house so now because of her instigtions that a) myself and my daughter we are now under the same category with in my husband's eyes : witch b) I am out to destroy him my husband staunchly refuses to file for me and in July 2007 I have an appointment with the Immigration court officials to decide my fate. My husband has already said that he will ship my children to Nigeria and he will have full custody of my children and he will make sure that I spend the rest of my life in a mental hopital.

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I suppose I’ll have to look more into the etymology and translation of the Arabic (I only speak English which only compounds my difficulties in learning about Islam). So, just to clarify, your contention is that the mis-translation is from Arabic to English, not a mistranslation found in the original Arabic?

I didn’t mention the case at hand because I don’t know much about it, I’ll take you at your word though.

The verse would still be problematic in its call to “obedience” but certainly its teeth are blunted greatly if the reference to physical violence is a mistranslation.

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