Dear Happy Feminist
Geez now you made me feel bad but I'm sorry that my post came off as angry and virulent. Sometimes my being upset gets the best of me talking like a rational person and my friend keeps harping on me doing that so I'm trying to work on it. But that is no excuse I now feel I was way out of line so I'm apologizing and I am the LAST person to blame all white people for the current racial ills but 'my beef' as you stated was I just feel there are a number of people who always want to bring black people into their argument but not their discussion. I prefer to be asked not told to be part of someone else's struggle and I assumed that's what you were doing and I do feel like there are people who don't care but still use black people to further their argument. However I didn't know if that is you and I don't know so it was wrong of me to jump to conclusions and lump you in with those other people who get on my nerves. And no offense but I do feel the feminist movement doesn't do enough to promote diversity within their own group and can seem like they discriminate themselves like that scene in the HBO movie "Iron Jawed Angels". Unfortunately I think that attitude still exists among some white female feminist but maybe that's not you too bad there isn't a better way we could communicate than on internet blogs. I wish I could meet more white female feminists so maybe I won't be so quick to resort to name-calling when we can have a face to face perspective. And I appreciate the fact you put more effort than me into trying to be undertstanding rather than stoop to that level so thank you for that and trying to get it I hope this leads to common ground.

h sofia

I love when you make references to the African blogs. I did not know you lived there for a while. Also, I am of the opinion that each of us should blog about what we know, and you do that. And at the same time, we should each of us attempt to learn more - and you do that, too.

I'm not trying to be the person of color giving the white person a pat on the back - just giving props where I believe they're due.

The Happy Feminist

Wow. Thank you SO much for your comment, Lauren. Really -- you have absolutely made my day and I REALLY appreciate it.

I would also like to apologize to you for my dismissive comments to you in the prior thread -- because I think you actually raised a very important issue, and your comment made me think a lot.

The Happy Feminist

Thank you too Hafidha (I am finally spelling your name correctly, I hope?) I was getting kind of nervous when no one was commenting on this post that I was going about this all wrong. And I do hope people will tell me when I do get things wrong.

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