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I am happily sitting observing this meme. Actually, to some of my British relatives, being Canadian IS wierd. Interestingly enough, when I am teaching junior officers, my department head is a Texan, who my British relatives also find wierd. Great lady who's been kind enough to teach me that the plural of y'all is "all, y'all".

The Happy Feminist

Well, it's definitely weird, but it's too easy!


I think there is a vaccine for chicken pox now, recommended for adults who never had the disease.

The Happy Feminist

Anonymous, you might literally have saved my life. I'd always thought of the vaccine as something for kids, but I think I'll ask about it at my next physical.

D M Brown

What bizarre cult did your roommate join?

I'm not going to join it -- I'm just curious.

The Happy Feminist

The International Church of Christ. Which sounds like an ordinary Christian denomination. But it's not. They controlled every aspect of her life. They actually ordered her to transfer twice to different colleges, and she did, even though she didn't want to. They also seemed to control how she spent all her time, whom she dated, and (predictably) her finances. I could tell you lots of stories. She fell out of touch with me unfortunately, and I still worry a great deal about her and what became of her.

More about this group here: http://www.reveal.org/

Your book looks very interesting by the way. It never fails to amaze me who is reading this site!


this tagging business is confusing to me... is it like those emails you get sent to you but in a blog form instead?

is anyone else wary of vaccines?

The Happy Feminist

Well, I guess they are like chain emails but I think the emails are really annoying, whereas blog tagging is fun. I am not sure why that is.

I have never been wary of vaccines. Should I be?


((my college roommate joined a bizarre cult that took control of her entire life and dictated all of her life decisions to her. ))

Right after she graduated from college, my college roommate got into Amway. She was going by DC and wanted to have lunch with me a year later and spent the whole time talking about Amway and how I should join. Turned out she was stopping in DC on the way up to recruit her family into selling Amway.

It was one of the more depressing conversations of my life.


The Happy Feminist

Chalice Chick, it's so weird that you should say that. When I went out to stay with my aunt and uncle and grandmother last year, my aunt suddenly just left without telling anyone. It turned out that she was at an Amway sales meeting. My grandmother was telling me that she thinks it's "like a cult." But I thought it was just a figure of speech.

I hadn't thought anything of it again until now. Should I be worried?

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